Positive Action Foundation Philippines Incorporated
SEC Registration: A199902514
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The number of people in the Philippines infected of HIV is rising fast. It speedily rise just like the turning of wheel in a city bustling of loud noises yet unaware of the threat of the infection. With this, Positive Action Foundation Philippines, Inc. (PAFPI) thought of a strategy that could reach and educate the people who ride into the public vehicles.

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In partnership of Pasay Dian Operator Drivers Association (PADODA), PAFPI implemented the project HIV on Wheels that aims to educate the jeepney passenger from Dian to Libertad and vice versa. PAFPI volunteers and educators distribute Information Education Communication (IEC) materials on HIV and AIDS. It may be surprising for some but conducting an HIV 101 learning session in a moving public vehicle was the first. Yes,it was surprising indeed especially that many of the passengers were interested that it even led them to ask questions.

One mother said that she was worried about her children especially for her daughter when using public restrooms and sharing utensils. The common misconceptions were addressed, hence raising the awareness of the public. We all know that prevention is better than cure, so in hand and hand we can fight this HIV and AIDS epidemic in the Philippines.

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