Positive Action Foundation Philippines Incorporated
SEC Registration: A199902514
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Your Peso Could Save Lives. This is the idea behind the donation cans, which is a great option if you’re looking for the newest way of sustaining projects or activities. Although PAFPI has a line of projects and involvements funded by different agencies and partners, we seek other ways on how to keep our services running.

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This will give PAFPI the opportunity to gain funds, but also to advertise and inform the public about the organization’s services and advocacies.

Sustainability comes in different forms such as being resourceful in dealing with limited resources. Like any kind of organization, ingenuity is the key to enable PAFPI’s existence and longevity. Call it hitting two birds with one stone. This donation can will serve as a source of support from the public and give them education and awareness from the can’s design and text.

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