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Why would you let yourself continue an unknown journey if its easier to end it right away? Perhaps this question was popular amongst other people living with HIV (PLHIVs) especially on the first few weeks, months or years after they were diagnosed. And perhaps this was a question often asked when one was trying to find out the reasons why they got the virus and the fear of not knowing what lies ahead after contracting it. But in the end, all the uncertainties and fears can be eased by a simple yakap or hug.

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Throughout the years, Positive Actions Foundation Philippines,Inc. (PAFPI) was at the forefront of HIV and AIDS advocacy. It is now wonder why the organization produced numerous publications of varying interests and angles related to HIV and AIDS advocacy in the country. The list of publications are follows:

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Mr. Joshua T. Formentera

Mr. Celestino Ramirez
Vice President

Dr. Rita D. Bantigue
Chairman of the Board

Atty. Carlo Alcala
Corporate Secretary

Mr. Jim Tan

Ms. Ruth Samante
Board of Trustee

Mr. Roberto Ruiz
Board of Trustee

Dr. Nymia Simbulan
Board of Trustee

Dr. Rossana Ditangco
Board of Trustee

Our Mission
To contribute to the national responses in advocacy, prevention, care, treatment and support for people living with HIV and AIDS (PLHIVs), their affected family members and significant others.
Our Vision
Empowered persons living with HIV and AIDS and their affected families living a normal, happy and productive life in the mainstream of supported society.
Our Goal
A sustainable organization in partnership with local and international stakeholders, involving PLHIVs, affected families and significant others; to facilitate, advocate, and promote a comprehensive, quality and compassionate care, support and treatment to infected and affected with HIV and AIDS.

The MAC AIDS FUND is a venture also known as GLAM FOR LIFE which intended to deal with the nutritional and medical needs of people living with HIV and AIDS or PLHIVs. For many years, I am part of the advocacy. I’ve acquainted with a lot of people with different stories and I was able to help them to cope up with the problems brought about by this malady. And being part of this project I could be able to touch the lives of others.

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The price we pay for everything we acquire doesn’t always come with a monetary value. It doesn’t even need to take shape in a tangible form. As Andy Mcintyre stated: “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”

Being unaware on how to prevent HIV from entering the body will expose us to the risk of acquiring the virus, but it’ll be worse if we know that we have it and do nothing. I believe that knowing nothing is the lesser evil as compared to keeping a blind eye even though you know the real state of your health. Perhaps it was ignorance or perhaps is was plain laziness. Either way, it will do you harm.

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Being a Positive Action Foundation Philippines, Inc.( PAFPI) volunteer and peer educator, I got to visit different treatment hubs, meet a lot of people working in the HIV and AIDS advocacy and talk to people living with HIV. And talking to my peers and listen to their stories were only some of the perks for being a peer educator. But you may ask why? Simply because not all were given a chance to inspire others and to make them realize that there’s life after HIV. But before I bore you, read on to know my story on how I met my newly diagnosed client.

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Home is sweet but it was made sweeter when there’s love to meet, welcome and greet us. This was truly important for me since most of the statements I hear from a person living with HIV (PLHIV) tell that they’ve been disowned or that they experienced stigma and discrimination not only by other people but including some members of their family. If this happens, many HIV positive individuals thought of ending their lives after facing the dilemma, anger, hurt and confusion when their family turned their backs on them.

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One of my most memorable day as an active volunteer was to join hospital visits at San Lazaro as part of the program of the Positive Action Foundation Philippines, Inc.( PAFPI). Every Monday, we are able to give food to patients who are confined at the hospital. And that day, we’ve reached out to 22 patients and what I saw really broke my heart because many, if not most, of the patients were in dire need of support, both morally and financially.

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