Positive Action Foundation Philippines Incorporated
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The number of people in the Philippines infected of HIV is rising fast. It speedily rise just like the turning of wheel in a city bustling of loud noises yet unaware of the threat of the infection. With this, Positive Action Foundation Philippines, Inc. (PAFPI) thought of a strategy that could reach and educate the people who ride into the public vehicles.

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HIV Antibody Testing (HAT) is the only way to know your health status, but many fear stigma and discrimination. Perhaps it was the reason why many fear to get tested because their families might not understand them and that they will be judged. In fact, these fears are the usual reasons why one would not want to undergo an HIV test. But there are instances wherein their family would be the one to encourage them to take it.

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The price we pay for everything we acquire doesn’t always come with a monetary value. It doesn’t even need to take shape in a tangible form. As Andy Mcintyre stated: “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”

Being unaware on how to prevent HIV from entering the body will expose us to the risk of acquiring the virus, but it’ll be worse if we know that we have it and do nothing. I believe that knowing nothing is the lesser evil as compared to keeping a blind eye even though you know the real state of your health. Perhaps it was ignorance or perhaps is was plain laziness. Either way, it will do you harm.

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