Funding Agency: Union Aid Abroad-AHEDA (Australian People For Health, Education and Development Abroad)

Recipient/Partner: Positive Action Foundation Philippines, Inc. (PAFPI)

Project Name: “The AbotKamay Drop-in Center”

Funding period: July 2013 to June 2014

Project Objectives:

  • To prevent the spread of STI/HIV/AIDS amongst Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who undertake contract in working abroad and their families;
  • To provide appropriate psychosocial support services, counseling and home–based care services to PLHIV, especially through the Abot–Kamay Drop–in Centre; and,
  • To provide opportunities for PLHIVs and AF to be fully engaged in the program.

Funding Goes To: For Filipino Migrant Workers 

  • Ongoing conduct of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) Survey using the previously enhanced tool especially designed about the myths and misconception on HIV and AIDS.
  • Conduct of Pre and Post test evaluation utilizing the developed HIV/AIDS questionnaires during PDOS for OFWs.
  • HIV/AIDs Education for OFWs in PDOS
  • IEC reproduction and distribution (flyers)
  • Email Communication to Assess BCC Messages retention and practice
  • Validation and Assessment of BCC messages and practices retention and practices through Guided Group Discussions
  • Marketing and promotion of HIV information through PDOS among Agencies and other PDOS providers (expansion of partner agencies)
  • Conduct of forum for OFWs and their families
  • Peer Education Training using the DOH standard training module
  • Identify and forge partnership with diagnostic centers/clinics for OFWs

Through The AbotKamay Drop-in Center

  • Conduct of outreach activities providing psychosocial support services; at home, hospital and through Abotkamay Drop–in Center

For PLHIVs and Affected Families

  • Conduct of learning group sessions (center based) discussing topics beneficial to project beneficiaries and other life skills activities with the objective of empowering the target clients (PLHIVs, AF and SO) and increasing the target clients self–esteem
  • Conduct of support group meetings and fellowship for PLHIV and AF
  • Clients referral for Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) through on line, telephone, and face to face counseling
  • Upgrading of PAFPI website system and maintenance


  • Filipino Migrant Workers
  • PLHIVs
  • Affected Families
  • Significant Others