Throughout the years, Positive Actions Foundation Philippines,Inc. (PAFPI) was at the forefront of HIV and AIDS advocacy. It is now wonder why the organization produced numerous publications of varying interests and angles related to HIV and AIDS advocacy in the country. The list of publications are follows:

1. HIV and AIDS Prevention, Care and Support: Stories from the Community

2. Condoms On! Cast Off!: Prevention Education for Departing Filipino Migrant Workers
Published and documented by the Economic Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), 2003

3. Institutionalization of Access to Treatment in the Philippines: 2006-2007 Philippine Report to the United Nations General Assembly on Special Session on AIDS (UNGASS), Meeting in New York, 2008

4. Case Study: Care and Support
Published at the East Asian and Pacific Consultation on Children and HIV/AIDS, Philippine Country Report 2006