The MAC AIDS FUND is a venture also known as GLAM FOR LIFE which intended to deal with the nutritional and medical needs of people living with HIV and AIDS or PLHIVs. For many years, I am part of the advocacy. I’ve acquainted with a lot of people with different stories and I was able to help them to cope up with the problems brought about by this malady. And being part of this project I could be able to touch the lives of others.

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At the same time, it also helped me grow personally and professionally, which is a reward that I will treasure in my whole life especially after seeing PLHIVs gaining strength through our help. Like this story about one of clients, which is one of the most memorable that I came across with.

I met him in one of the treatment hubs. He was then bed ridden and hopeless to get up and live his life back. He was struggling physically with infections and emotionally because his family neglected him. I talked with him with sympathy and told our purpose why we visited him. I asked for God’s intervention to show miracles for that young man as we extend our hands for him to help him to think positively.

Fortunately, he gained hope little by little and cooperated with us to stand up. He learned how to smile again at the world and he also got his job back as a hair dresser. Every day when I see him smiling and getting up for work, I feel very inspired and thought that we are in the right track to continue fulfilling our advocacy- that is to give hope and be able to instill in the mind of people with HIV that they can live in normal life. To instill that HIV is not a dead end, but a life changing situation for them to become a better person.