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Do you have questions, concerns or worries about HIV and AIDS? You can turn to the staff, volunteers and advocates of Positive Action Foundation Philippines, Inc. (PAFPI) for help. PAFPI, a non-government organization upholds the following objectives:

  • * To contribute to the national response in advocacy, prevention, treatment, care and support for PLHIVs and their affected families.
  • * To promote comprehensive quality and compassionate care and support to infected and affected with HIV/AIDS.
  • * To empower PLHIVs and their affected families to live a normal, happy and productive life in the mainstream of supportive society without stigma and discrimination.

In lieu of this, PAFPI offers different services that people living and affected with HIV / AIDS, their affected families and significant others can avail. The services categorized under Care and Support, Advocacy and Education, and Capacity Building Skills aim to deliver and realize the objectives of PAFPI through the help and support of its partner agencies, donors and funders.

PAFPI Services

Care and Support. Trained staff and counselors offer psychosocial support through peer-to- peer or group counseling wherein the concerns and issues of the clients are addressed and answered. PAFPI also have two drop-in centers or temporary shelters that serve as a refuge of clients, especially those who are newly diagnosed and are still on the process of understanding and accepting their condition.

As part of the care and support services, PAFPI also holds regular hospital visits at San Lazaro Hospital (SLH) and home visits to clients.

A hot plate program under the funder MAC AIDS Fund (MAF) also provides regular hot nutritious free meals at PAFPI’s drop-in center every Fridays of the month, and at the H4 Ward of SLH and at the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM).

PAFPI trained staff, volunteers and advocates also hold regular talks and activities to further encourage clients to avail of the free voluntary HIV testing. Referrals for HIV testing, medical and laboratory are also provided. On some cases, educational, livelihood and burial through various partners such as the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO), local government units (LGUs) and Red Cross are provided. PAFPI also provides employment opportunities to qualified PLHIVs in PAFPI’s project.

Advocacy and Education. PAFPI continuously provide Pre-departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) to departing Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). Through Positive Speakers Bureau (PSB), invitations from different sectors private, LGUs, schools, workplaces, and others are held throughout the year. This is to further reach more clients and raise the awareness of the general public on HIV and AIDS.

To further create more impact, PLHIV advocates give out testimonials about the struggles they faced and conquered. Participation in the yearly AIDS candlelight and World AIDS Day Celebration are also celebrated. Capacity Building Skills. In the aim to empower PLHIvs, PAFPI offers the following services under its capacity building skills:

* HIV Counseling to Testing Training (HCtT)
* Home-based Care Training Workshop (HBC)
* Learning Group Sessions (LGS)
* Support Group Meetings (SGM)
* Guided Group Discussion (GGD) for returning Seafarers
* HIV/AIDS Stigma reduction among Stakeholders