When asked if Beauty Pageants still have an impact on today’s society, what would be your answer? This is the common dilemma of a candidate when faced with the question and answer portion of a pageant. Is she going to answer a question in a political sense or show the judges where her skills lie?

Beauty pageants are no longer held on a stage where the standard is beauty and a nice set of teeth, but a greater cause where the winner will have the power to influence. This is a skill mastered when you’re under a lot of pressure not because of the crown you’re wearing, but to show people that behind a million dollar smile there’s hope that things will be better.

Candidates during the Miss PAFPI 2018 showed the audience that behind the glittery dresses there’s a greater cause that needs to be addressed – a place and a night where HIV no longer affects everyone. People around the streets of Dian cheered for the candidates’ wit and banter when asked about HIV related questions. This showed the community that a place could provide happiness and hope for people living a life long battle.