For Moses, Learning Group Sessions or LGS isn’t just about giving lectures to fulfill his duties as a volunteer of PAFPI to implement MAC’s Viva Glam Campaign. It is also about giving beneficiaries of PAFPI a place to be heard and a time for them to learn how to manage their expectations when it comes to taking care of their health. Some of the people who are newly diagnosed tend to exchange random facts and accept unsolicited advices. This may seem like a nice situation if you want to socialize, but Moses keep on reminding PAFPI’s beneficiaries to be more careful and aware that medical advices involving physical health and medical needs must be kept between a doctor and a patient.

The highlight of PAFPI’s Learning Group Sessions is providing beneficiaries enough time to clarify questions and facts to better improve the quality of their situation both physically and mentally. PAFPI believes that a person’s well being starts from our mental capacity to adapt to situations regarding our physical health. It is important that PAFPI’s volunteers remind their audience in these kinds of lectures to carefully approach medical concerns. PAFPI also believes that in order to be healthy in all areas we need to feed our physical body with nutritious food and our mind with proper information.