One of the few things Filipinos love to celebrate is a table full of hearty meals and conversations filled with laughter. The best way to enjoy even the simplest plate of food is to surround it with nourishment and care. For almost nine years PAFPI is doing this to gather people infected with and affected by HIV using grants from the MAC Viva Glam Campaign. By showing the community that healthy meals can heal a person’s spirit and well being, PAFPI successfully created a festive atmosphere on their Bahay Kanlungan Center located in Dian Street, Malate, Manila and casually called it ‘Friday Feeding Program.’ This celebration is partnered with a Learning Group Session to maximize the grant donated by MAC and to enhance the experience of people who are attending.

Like a mom feeding his/her young, this program is geared toward giving beneficiaries physical and mental sustenance by making them comfortably enjoy their meal. This event shows that when a meal is enjoyed to its fullest, a person becomes ready to face anything in a world full of uncertainties. Add a little support from a few people and a lot of healthy ingredients to an hour or two of feeding, it will prepare you to face the mental and physical challenges of a life full of day-to-day activities. Enjoying a healthy meal after all is one of the main sources of energy our body needs and a well-deserved personal reward.

Positive Action Foundation Philippines, Inc. or PAFPI has been providing Medical and Nutritional Support to People Living with HIV using grants received from the MAC AIDS FUND’s VIVA GLAM CAMPAIGN Since 2011.