After Typhoon Yolanda hit Tacloban in Leyte, people were devastated. Homes were destroyed and recovery is hard. Different sectors of the government, organizations and private individuals from the country and abroad came to help and lend their time, but there was an untold story that needed attention. A representative from Action Medeor, a German Medical Aid Organization, observed first hand the situation of young people at the evacuation centers in Tacloban.

Unprotected sexual intercourse among young people was rampant which led to teenage pregnancy and cases of sexually transmitted infections. Action Medeor in partnership with PAFPI addressed these problems through a project entitled: Intervention for Sexual Reproductive Health Among Adolescents of Leyte – Turning Victims to Victors, which is funded by Aktion Deutschland Hilft, Germany’s Relief Coalition.

The project aims to address the consequences brought by early sexual involvement by providing interactive training among young people on peer education and reproductive health; by assisting in the development of a local AIDS council; and by implementing programs to address on the prevention and stigma reduction of STI, HIV and AIDS.

Typhoon Yolanda may have destroyed the homes and schools of young people in Tacloban, but this inspired Action Medeor and PAFPI in helping them secure a better future. This project gave young people in Tacloban A NEW BEGINING to enjoy newfound friendships through fun learning experiences and fulfillment to serve others. Making them realize the importance of taking care of themselves and their peers by providing a supportive environment is what PAFPI did to attain this goal.