For the past nine (9) years, PAFPI has been distributing nutritious hot meals to People Living with HIV or PLHIVs who are hospitalized in San Lazaro Hospital in Manila by utilizing funds received from the MAC Viva Glam Campaign’s MAC AIDS Fund. We all know that a healthy physical body is nourished by the foods we eat, but in order for the body to be fully capable of surviving the consequences of a diminished immune system, there are other factors to be considered. One of the things that drive a person to a healthy recovery is the support he/she gets from his/her family and loved ones. Dealing with illnesses and diseases brought by AIDS complications lowers the morale of the patient. Dealing with it alone is even worse. Long hours lying on a hospital bed all day and night makes a person vulnerable to mental issues such as depression and lack of self worth. Low levels of confidence due to lack of productivity may give the patient lack of hope and despair. These are some of the issues witnessed by Moses on his frequent visits to San Lazaro Hospital serving nutritious meals to patients (left photo) and incarcerated individuals (right photo) who are admitted due to HIV/AIDS complications.

As a long-term PAFPI Community Outreach Worker under the MAC AIDS FUND Project and AIDS survivor who recovered from a life threatening situation, Moses now brings hope to patients who are dealing with AIDS related complications and family members or relatives who are fighting to end this battle. Formerly hospitalized in San Lazaro Hospital for a long period of time and was diagnosed to die at the age of 23, he now have the strength at the age of 33 to lend a hand to the family members who are on the brink of a breakdown or siblings who cannot fathom the situation of their loved ones lying weak and vulnerable on a hospital bed. The challenges he faced on his personal life and advocacy to maximize the grants received from the MAC AIDS Fund serves as an encouragement for the people outreached by this project because when life seems to be heading down in all the wrong directions, we need a person to serve as an inspiration to help us see the way to a better recovery – to nourish the mind, the body and the people we love.

Positive Action Foundation Philippines, Inc. or PAFPI has been providing Medical and Nutritional Support to People Living with HIV using grants received from the MAC AIDS FUND’s VIVA GLAM CAMPAIGN Since 2011.