Not everyone has the courage to openly discuss everything about him or her to people he or she is not close to. This is the reason why participants of the last HIV Counseling to Testing Training (Batch 21) were reminded to gain their clients’ trust by making them as comfortable as possible. They learned that courage, determination and confidence are few of the characteristics needed to establish a suitable approach in providing a Quality Pre-Test and Post-Test HIV Counseling. But above all, they realized that HIV Counseling is a client-centered process by listening carefully and observing proper use of words and terminologies.

Positive Action Foundation Philippines, Inc. or PAFPI, a non-government organization helping people who are either affected by or infected with HIV, believes on the importance of making a person or a client heard by providing a supportive environment. The role of HIV Counselors contribute to the organization’s goal to gain partnership with local and international stakeholders by training people with or without a medical background. The only requirement PAFPI is looking for is their thirst and hunger to help People who are Living with HIV (PLHIV), their affected families, significant others, and people who want to know their HIV status.