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HIV AIDS advocacies

Contributed by: Fantasy X, Dian Street

I will never forget the moment this girl asked me why am I volunteering for Positive Action Foundation Philippines, Incorporated (PAFPI). She assumed that I am not an HIV positive individual and that I am not an affected family member either. But when I told her that I am a client and that I was diagnosed last May 29, 2013 at Manila Social Hygiene Clinic, I saw how surprised she was.

After that conversation, we made it a point to share countless moments of laughter and endless jokes every time we cross our paths. I wonder if there’s a reason behind her smile. I suddenly had the urge to ask her about it. And here’s her story.

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One of the most prominent ways in order for college professors to give their students a high grade is a research paper or a thesis containing a topic untouched by many. This is what transpired for the past few months of seeing students from different universities,  come and go at the drop-in centers of Positive Action Foundation Philippines, Inc. (PAFPI).

Although some few students who made HIV and AIDS their chosen field of interest immersed themselves just for the purpose of having a high grade or simply passing the required paper,  it was all good since visiting the drop-in centers would give HIV and AIDS peer educators a chance to share their stories. And even though a handful won’t even dare to share a meal with people living with HIV, it was still an opportunity for peer educators to give the right information that sharing of food and eating together would not harm them and would not give them HIV.

HIV and AIDS educators / counselors do understand that it was human nature to fear what people don’t know and understand. Talking and sharing HIV / AIDS information to these students would help address HIV and AIDS misconceptions and hopefully eradicate the unfounded fear and stigma about the virus. So if you want to know more about HIV and AIDS, please do give us a visit at 2613 Dian St., Malate, Manila.

Principal Recipients:

  • First to handle:            Tropical Disease Foundation
  • Second to handle:       Department of Health


Sub-Recipient: Positive Action Foundation Philippines, Inc.

Project Name:

“Upscaling the National Response to HIV/AIDS through the Delivery of Services and Information to Populations at Risk and People Living with HIV and AIDS”

Funding Period: November 2008 to September 2010

Funding Goes To Three Main Areas:

  •  Knowledge and Health Information
  • Facilitation and Assistance
  • Peer Support and Counseling

Approaches and Strategies:

  • Conduct home and hospital visits
  • Referrals and facilitations on clients’needs

Biomedical Support
Psychosocial support

  • Collaboration with other Global Fund projectsto avoid double entry of reached clients
  • Peer to peer
  • Promotion of support groups (for involvement)
  • Close coordination with focal person


  • People Living with HIV
  • Affected Families (AF)
  • Significant Others (SO)




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