PAFPI’s 10th Annual Love Walk that took place on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2024, was a success once again with the theme “Love and Inclusivity”. The event was met with optimism and excitement by the community, participants from the private and public sectors, LGU employees, professionals, students and out of school youths and its partner FHI360. PAFPI powered by its volunteers distributes IEC materials, condoms to celebrate Valentines Day.

The Love Walk yearly advocacy event’s primary objectives – raising awareness about HIV/AIDS, promoting education about safe practices, reducing stigma associated with HIV, and fostering a sense of community support. The event aim to encourage open conversations about sexual health, promote testing and prevention, and support those affected by HIV/AIDS. GOALS to Increase public understanding of HIV, its transmission, prevention, and treatment options. Promote open conversations to reduce stigma and discrimination.

PAFPI has never been proud to meet yet once again it specific objectives for the event:

1. Awareness and Education: To raise awareness about the prevalence of HIV/AIDS, educate the public about the importance of safe practices, and
provide information on testing and prevention.
2. Destigmatization: To reduce the stigma associated with HIV by promoting understanding, empathy, and acceptance. This can help create an environment where individuals feel comfortable seeking testing and support.
3. Community Building: To bring together people from diverse backgrounds to show solidarity and support for those affected by HIV/AIDS. Creating a sense of community helps break down isolation and fosters a supportive network.
4. Fundraising: To raise funds for HIV/AIDS research, treatment, and support services. This can contribute to ongoing efforts to find a cure, improve treatment options, and provide assistance to those living with HIV.
5. Promoting Testing: Encouraging individuals to get tested for HIV and know their status. Early detection and treatment are crucial for managing the virus and preventing its transmission.
6. Love and Inclusivity: To celebrate love in all its forms and emphasize that individuals living with HIV deserve love, understanding, and support.

PAFPI would like to thank it’s partners, Manila City Health Office, Manila Social Hygiene Clinic, Valenzuela City Health Office, Valenzuela Social Hygiene Clinic, Valenzuela PINK Society and Trippers PH, Navotas City Health Office, Navotas Medical and Wellness Center, USAID, PEPFAR, EpiC, FHI360 for making this yearly advocacy another success!

From the Board of Trustees, Management and Staff,LGU partners, the ever energetic volunteers of PAFPI. Maraming, Maraming Salamat po! Until next year for the Love Walk 2025! Spreading HIV Awareness to the people who need it the most.