Our Vision

PAFPI is a leading social agent in innovative HIV advocacy and service delivery towards an enabled PLHIV community.


Our Mission

To enable communities, PAFPI will strengthen its leadership in advocacy and innovate in service
delivery, capacity-building, research, program and policy development by 2030.
In the next 6 years, PAFPI will strengthen the following:
– Treatment, care and support
– Network and linkages (engagement) / community engagement
– Strengthening of programs
– Referral system
– Prevention
– Advocacy
– Policy Development
– Research and Development
– Building capacity (for whom?)
– Monitoring and evaluation
– Human Rights


Our Goal

PAFPI will pursue SASME which pertains to

  • Sustainability – An organization that is responsive to the PLHIV community by ensuring a balance between economic growth, environmental care, and social well-being;
  • Advocacy and Promotion – An organization that supports HIV and AIDS causes for the PLHIV community’s best interest;
  • Service Delivery – An organization that provides holistic psycho-social support intervention and efficient referral system; and,
  • Meaningful Engagement – An organization that promotes, facilitates, and initiates community-based engagement, partnerships, networks, and linkages

Overarching values that cut across these goals involve capacity-building, monitoring and evaluation, policy development, research, and gender equality and social inclusion.