One of the services offered by PAFPI is providing a temporary shelter for People Living with HIV (PLHIV). Clients who want to avail this service must follow a step-by-step process before they are welcomed to stay either at the Abot Kamay Center or Bahay Kanlungan Center of the organization. The shelters are under the guidance of a house parent and licensed social workers. They facilitate the day-to-day activities of the people staying at the shelters and manage the social environment among clients.

Staying at the shelters doesn’t give the clients a place to have a vacation or to avoid their problems, but a place to deal with recovery and other difficulties they are facing. PAFPI believed that full recovery comes from a slow and gradual process of dealing with personal issues and interaction with other people who are either facing the same problem or surrounded by it. Their interaction with one another makes them avoid having feelings such as battling HIV/AIDS on their own and give them a safe place to work with one another.

Tasks and duties are distributed among the people who are staying at the shelters so they can still practice to live a normal and productive life despite the personal and social consequences brought by HIV/AIDS. These tasks will help them realize that taking responsibility for their actions is the most important characteristic a person needs to manage HIV/AIDS. They need to understand that mistakes can be properly handled by being honest to themselves and to other people; and disagreements and conflicts can be solved with open communication.