After almost a half day of having conversations with and encouraging people who are living with HIV, Maxene Magalona-Mananquil and EJ Nacion were teary eyed as they shared their experience during the MAC Immersion Activity at San Lazaro Hospital on December 4, 2019. This immersion activity is held every year by representatives from MAC Cosmetics Philippines and Positive Action Foundation Philippines, Inc. or PAFPI to celebrate World AIDS Day.

What made an impact to the attendees of this activity is how human connection was celebrated despite the negative image of Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV and AIDS related Opportunistic Infections. Attendees saw first hand how lying on a hospital bed all day and night will test a person’s faith, hope and ability to cope with the harsh realities of life paired with HIV and the worst thing that could happen to a person when left untreated by Antiretroviral Medication or ARV.

San Lazaro Hospital gladly open its door to the attendees of the immersion by showing them how the proceeds of the MAC AIDS Fund’s Viva Glam Lipstick improve the lives of people who are affected by and infected with HIV. One of the MAC Makeup Artists who attended the activity was left with tears as she explains how devastated she was after seeing the situation of people who are admitted at the hospital, but was also encouraged to work hard as she now know that MAC Cosmetics really do change lives one lipstick at a time.

This is the true power of people working together to provide the utmost love, care and support needed by people who are living with HIV, their significant others and affected families to prove that humanity exist to fulfill a bond higher than words – the act of kindness. 

“Your tears is the connection to their hope.” – Brother Lito, San Lazaro Hopsital HIV Counselor and DOH HIV Master Trainer