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Nick Magno, Positive Action Foundation Philippines, Inc. (PAFPI) staff under APHEDA project, attended a five-day Trainor’s Training on SAVE Approach. The training discussed the ways on how to overcome and eliminate stigma and discrimination. It also serves as a venue to address advocacy concerns on access to information, treatment, education, medication and comprehensive program on HIV and AIDS.

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Client Admission Guidelines (Walk-In/Referred)

  Walk-in/Referred Clients shall bear their pertinent documents upon access (Confirmatory results, medical abstract, certificate of indigency, proof of identity). This is a gate pass to be able to access PAFPI services

  Social Worker shall conduct an interview to the client or if it is referred by CHOW/ other agencies, the initial records shall be forwarded to the social worker for review purposes whether the client will be accommodated or will be referred to other agency.

  After assessment, social worker will give recommendations to be able to access services (e.g.assistance for a particular medical test/procedure, referral to medical facility, referral to other service providers for financial/livelihood/medicine assistance.

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System for Center Operation and Management



As the Bible says, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” This passage from Galatians 5:14 clearly relates that one should love one another and this includes caring for one another especially during times of crisis or illness. But what if the person who suffers from an illness is a blood relative? An immediate family who needs your care and support? For sure, you will go out of your way to care for that person and give him the most possible comfort that you can afford.

It is for this reason why immediate family members or the affected families (AFs) of the people living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA), in order for them to provide proper care and support, attended a series of Home-based Care and Training & Workshop.

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This March 2015, Positive Action Foundation Philippines, Inc. (PAFPI) will launch a regular free HIV testing and counseling. Any person who wishes to know his or her HIV will be welcomed by trained staff and volunteers at PAFPIs drop-in center in Dian St., Malate, Manila. After an in-depth and confidential inquiry, a blood sample will be taken and examined for HIV. Confirmatory testing will be submitted to Department of Health testing laboratories. The results will be explained thoroughly in a private one-on-one session.

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The Positive Action Foundation Philippines Inc (PAFPI) is pleased to announce its new partnership with action medeor- a German Medical AID Organization devoted in providing medical and humanitarian aid worldwide for countries devastated by natural calamities. The title of the project is: “Intervention for Sexual and Reproductive Health among Adolescents of Leyte: Turning Victims to Victors”. The project runs from March 2015 to July 2015.

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Community Family Services International (CFSI) Pasay visit at PAFPI Drop-in Center on February 25, 2015. It is composed of youth counselor and social workers and a humanitarian organization working for the welfare of displaced/ discriminated individuals brought about by arm conflict, natural calamities, political persecution, among others.

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“Updating of the Unique Identifier Code (UIC) and Social Hygiene Clinic Reporting System”

1. Positive Action Foundation Philippines, Inc. (PAFPI), an organization currently working as Sub Recipient on the Monitoring and Evaluation as well as Treatment, Care and Support Component to the Global Fund HIV Project–TFM–NFM–IFM Round 6 (GFR6) HIV and AIDS Project in the Philippines, with the Department of Health (DOH) as Principal Recipient, is currently organizing the hiring of Consultant for the Updating of the Unique Identifier Code (UIC) and Social Hygiene Clinic Reporting System.

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The love month is here and it is also the time when cupid runs wild. The spell of Venus coupled with the naughtiness of Cupid was a vicious combination that inflicts couples and lovers. Steaming passion consequently shoots the sales of temporary love nests to skyrocket high. But along with it is the increasing chances of HIV infections among hot blooded people wallowing in casual encounters. Needless to say, possibilities of getting infected with HIV is high among people who do not take precautions and use condom for protection.

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The holiday season is the time for love and sharing especially to those who needed it most. And this season, Positive Action Foundation Philippines, Inc. (PAFPI) through the support of MAC AIDS Fund conducted a gift giving activity to the patients confined in the H4 Ward at San Lazaro Hospital in Manila last December 15, 2014.

PAFPI’s President Joshua Formentera, Ma. Cristina Culaste and other staff and volunteers of PAFPI brought holiday cheers to 19 patients currently confined in the H4 Ward. “These patients need our care and love especially this holiday season. Most of them are having a hard time coping up financially because being confined in a hospital due to different opportunistic infections is no walk in the park,” Formentera shared.

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MAC World AIDS Day Celebration 2014

PAFPI HIV and AIDS Information and Education on Wheels

Inspirational message by the vice president and chief operating officer